Modular Homes

The Systems-Built Advantage

Building a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Selecting an experienced, dependable, service-oriented builder assures your home-building experience will be a great one.

That’s why when you consider building your new home, there’s really only one choice: a Modular Home from Ideal.

So what’s the difference between site built and modular? A site built home is constructed over a period of many weeks or months on site, and therefore subject to all the elements. A modular home is built in a controlled factory environment in modules and is engineered and built to the state or local building codes, just as a site built home is. The modules are then transported to the site and installed on permanent foundations. Modular homes are built with the efficiency and quality control you can only find in a factory environment. Quality engineering and modular construction significantly increases the efficiency of a modular home. Many new homes today are being “systems-built” to rival and often exceed the quality and investment of site-built homes.

With factory built, modular homes, indoor construction prevents potential weather-related delays and damage. It typically also speeds the process, which may allow you to move in sooner! Ideal can complete excavation work and lay the foundation while your home is being built. After delivery, the professional crews from Ideal “button up” your home and complete the finishing work to your specifications.

The sales staff at Ideal Homes assists each home buyer with selecting that perfect design, choose from thousands or design your own.  We work with you to customize the plan to fit your needs and lifestyle and stick with you each step of the way until your attractive, energy-efficient home is ready to move into.

When considering a modular home, Ideal offers limitless options to choose from depending on your lifestyle, personality, and budget.

Dynamic Homes

Dynamic Homes has been making dreams come true since 1970. They are a premier systems-builder of custom homes located in Detroit Lakes, MN and have built more than 10,000 homes. Founded by a group of local builders, Dynamic's mission is to build higher quality and higher value homes than a site-built home. Dynamic's systems-built construction process is more efficient and more affordable than site-built construction. Dynamic can build ramblers (ranches), split entries, split levels, two stories, chalets, multi-family, commercial....the possibilities are endless. You can choose from thousands of designs, options, and amenities or completely design your home from scratch.

Commodore Homes

A family-owned business, The Commodore Corporation has its roots from 1952.

The Commodore Corporation is one of the largest builders throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. With divisions in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, our homes are available in over 32 states, from Montana to New Jersey, from Maine to South Carolina. Each facility creates homes designed to meet the regional needs of our customers.

The Commodore Corporation has been in the business of building the American dream, producing a higher quality home for an affordable price. Long known for our innovative designs, outstanding customer satisfaction, and a loyal dealer and builder network, The Commodore Corporation will build a home you can call your own.

MidCountry Homes

MidCountry Homes is the newest addition to the Commodore family. Located in Dorchester, Wisconsin and purchased in 2016 The Commodore Corporation, brings the latest home-building technologies, a dedicated management team, and an experienced builder network into the fold. Built by Wisconsin craftsmen; innovative designs and the ability to customize your home provide our homebuyers an affordable way to build a quality home.

MidCountry Homes offers standard features going beyond industry standards, and are built beyond code. This ultimately saves the customers money.