Skyline Homes

Skyline Homes is based in Lancaster, WI. Skyline’s design team has created a portfolio of floor plans, decors and optional amenities to satisfy your preferences. All Skyline homes are built in an environmentally controlled manufacturing facility with no exposure to the outside elements. They also store all of their building materials in an environmentally controlled warehouse, which is periodically inspected to ensure quality. These ready-to-use materials are the only materials used to construct your new home. Skyline supports the Systems Building Research Alliance, The Manufactured Housing Institute and The HUD Code Consensus Committee who all continually work to improving and updating the building codes for manufactured homes.

Skyline understands the importance of using quality name-brand materials and appliances. Skyline’s skilled builders take every detail in account during the construction process, as quality is what makes a Skyline home stand apart from the others. “After all, this isn’t just another house, this is your home.”